Impressart Strip Metal Stamping Blanks with Holes - Color Options


$ 2.00 


Premium Impressart stamping blanks.

1/4" x 1 1/2" Strip metal stamping blanks make these a great choice for your jewelry stamping projects.

Offered in 5 piece packs and 25 piece packs.

Dimensions: 1/4" x 1 1/2"

Gauge: The gauge differs depending on the metal you choose. Please see the metals below. 

Alkemé 18 gauge (most like sterling silver, but will never tarnish)
Aluminum 16 gauge
Brass 18 gauge
Copper 18 gauge

About Alkemé:
Alkemé will not tarnish. Alkemé is a precision milled tin-based alloy developed by ImpressArt specially for hand-stamping. This soft metal makes it easy to stamp deep crisp impressions. The soft silver color is similar to sterling silver and the fine milled surface can be brought to a high shine or to a matte finish. 

Alkemé has a weight and gauge one would expect from a fine piece of jewelry. All Alkemé blanks are 18 gauge (about 1mm thick). This provides enough metal material to allow the stamp to make a deep impression.

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