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"Photo Jewelry Making Made Simple."

Making photo jewelry has always been a part of our company. Making it easy and affordable is our specialty.

In the middle of winter in 2008, I recognized a real need in the market for DIY photo jewelry kits that would be both affordable and beautiful. At the time, jewelry enthusiasts would have to purchase large quantities of the supplies from multiple vendors to make a single pendant. There were considerable "what ifs" for buyers who weren't sure what they needed. What if I bought the wrong products? What if I don't understand the process? And the big one...What if I don't want to make 100 pendants?

After several weeks of research and development, which turned out to be about 2 months, I launched the first kit which was an instant success. Since May of 2008, I've continued to create new kits, as well as develop new products. Each kit I create includes a process of sourcing, creating, troubleshooting, tutorial writing, photographing, and bringing to market. Because of this intense process, you can be assured that I'm qualified to provide assistance and answers to your questions, not only about the products, but also on how to use them.

"It’s our job every day to make every aspect of the customer experience a little bit better." 

This is our goal each and every day. We inspect every item that leaves the studio, not just once but twice. We inspect items when they’re received and we inspect products before they’re wrapped and packed for shipping. We understand how important it is to receive orders quickly and accurately, and as a team, we’re 100% dedicated to exceed customer expectations.

Annie Howes Signature Products include:
Glamour Glaze
Glamour Seal
Glamour FX (tm) Glass
Glamour Stickies
Luxe Doming Resin

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