Glue Starter Kit for Inkjet Prints. Glamour Seal and Glamour Stickies. Get Professional Results.

Annie Howes

$ 11.90 


Glue Starter Kit for Inkjet Prints - 1 Bottle of Glamour Seal and pack of Glamour Stickies adhesive shapes.

Get professional results with your glass photo jewelry.

If you're using inkjet prints with glass cabochons you need only one product, and that's Glamour Seal. But...we've added a pack of 25 Glamour Stickies in your choice of shape so you can finish your photo jewelry even faster!

That's right. Just ONE product! And it's guaranteed to work!

Simply use our Glamour Seal, the recommended paper (for best results), and our super easy-to-follow FREE tutorial.

- 1 bottle of Glamour Seal, 4 ounces
- Pack of 25 Glamour Stickies in your choice of square or circle shape

*Glass, pendant settings, chains, and glass sold separately.

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Please use my FREE INSTRUCTIONS + VIDEO  Failure to follow my easy instructions may result in less than satisfactory results. I am not responsible for results if you do not follow my instructions.

INKJET EXCEPTION: If your inkjet printer uses a combination of pigment black and dye color inks, Glamour Seal will work to glue the paper to the glass, however you may wish to use Glamour Stickies to glue the decorated glass into the setting.

Cold Weather Warning:
- During colder months (November through March), if a heat pack isn't purchased, your order may freeze in transit. This will ruin Glamour Seal. I cannot be held liable if the product is damaged in transit unless you purchase the heat pack option.
- If the Heat pack option is not available, contact me before purchasing.

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