Glamour Glaze and Seal Trial Size Pack


$ 5.50 


Does your current glaze for glass pendants make your ink jet prints smear? Looking for a glaze that you can use with your inkjet prints? 

Then you're going to LOVE GLAMOUR SEAL! 

Does your current glaze leave you with bubbles? 

Then you're going to LOVE GLAMOUR GLAZE! 

Now you can try both products and see the difference yourself without having to buy the entire bottle! You won't believe how much nicer and how much easier it is to work with Glamour Glaze and Glamour Seal! 

1 sample bottle of Glamour Glaze (about 1/2 ounce) 
1 Sample bottle of Glamour Seal (about 1/2 ounce) 
Order just Glamour Glaze or just Glamour Seal

*Each bottle makes about 15-20 1" pendants! That's a lot! 

*Please order with the Heat Pack in winter to avoid 

GLAMOUR GLAZE is water based and best used on laser prints, scrapbook papers, and Chiyogami papers. It can also be used at a top coat. 

GLAMOUR SEAL is safe for your inkjet prints, as well as laser prints, scrapbook papers, and Chiyogami papers. Glamour Seal WILL NOT cause your pendant trays to turn blue! It can also be used to seal paper when working with Luxe Resin. 

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Cold Weather Warning:
- During colder months (November through March), if a heat pack isn't purchased, your order may freeze in transit. This will ruin Glamour Seal. I cannot be held liable if the product is damaged in transit unless you purchase the heat pack option.
- If the Heat pack option is not available, contact me before purchasing.

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