Glass & Pendant Tray Necklace Kit - 22x30 Oval Cabochon Kit


$ 9.50 


Make 5 Glass Pendant Necklaces with Pendant Tray Kit. Everything you need to make Glass Pendants is in this kit: the Glamour FX Glass, the pendant trays, Glamour Seal, and the color matching 24" chains. All you need to add are the images. 

Color Options: 
Vintage Silver
Vintage Copper 
Vintage Gold

Chain Options: 
24" Ball Chain
24" Link chain

The glass pendant kit includes: 
Glamour FX Glass Oval, 22mm x 30mm 
Pendant Trays, 22mm x 30mm Oval 
Matching Chains, 24"
Bottle of Glamour Seal (1 oz bottle for large kits, 2 dram bottle for small kits)
FREE full color Instructions available in pdf format available on our website.

Use any paper you like, including ink jet prints. 

Step 1: Attach the Glamour FX glass to the paper using Glamour Seal and allow to dry. 
Step 2: Glue into the pendant tray using Glamour Seal and let dry. 
Step 3: Throw your hands up in the're finished!

INKJET EXCEPTION: If your inkjet printer uses a combination of pigment black and dye color inks, Glamour Seal will work to glue the paper to the glass, however you may wish to use Glamour Stickies to glue the decorated glass into the setting.


Problem: The Glamour Seal is still white and drying slowly. 

Answer 1: Glamour Seal needs a different paper type. Glamour Seal is best used on matte paper, 90# or cover weight. Not recommended for regular printer paper, glossy paper, and lab prints, such as those provided by photo processing centers. Glamour Seal works great on decorative papers such as Chiyogami, Italian, and scrapbook papers. The paper with the best results when I tested using a Canon inkjet printer was the Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper (matte) whican can be used with all inkjet printers. The exception to this is when sealing paper prior to using Luxe Resin, then glossy paper is OK. 

Answer 2: Glamour Seal needed more time to dry before moving to the next step. You must allow the product to dry thoroughly otherwise you lengthen the drying time significantly. 

Problem: The ink from my inkjet print is smearing. 

Answer 1: This is possibly because the ink was not dry to begin with. The prints from inkjet printers must dry before using them in any application. If the ink smears when you touch it, allow it to dry until the ink does not smear to the touch. Please check with your printer manufacturer to determine the drying time of the prints. 

Answer 2: Discoloration can occur if your inkjet printer uses a combination of black pigment based ink and color dye based inks. Please see the INKJET EXCEPTION in the product description.

Problem: Excessive bubbles/frothing is occurring. 

Answer: This is typically caused by glossy photo papers that are marketed as "fast-drying" or "quick-drying", most commonly found on glossy papers. These papers are coated with a film that bubbles profusely when in contact with any liquid. Avoid using these papers. 

Read more about Glamour Seal here.

Because this item contains Glamour Seal, this product ships with a package warmer during cold weather. Glamour Seal is cold-sensitive and should not freeze.

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