Santa, Elf, and Snowman 1" Circle Image Sheet. PDF Digital Download for Bottle Caps, Pendants, and Hair Bows.

Annie Howes

$ 2.00 

These make cute ornaments and fun favors with your bottle caps and Glamour Dots epoxy stickers.

The digital PDF download sheet measures 8.5"x11" and includes Santa, an Elf, two Snowmen! The circle shapes are 1" diameter which fit our bottle caps and Glamour Dots perfectly!

Be sure to look at the second image to see what you can make!

(Bottle caps, Glamour Dots, and Glamour Stickies sold separately.)


These are so easy to make!

STEP 1) Punch a hole in the bottom of two of the bottle caps and assemble them into a string of three bottle caps. The bottom bottle cap shouldn't have a hole in it (unlike my Santa, which is my own goof).

STEP 3) Next, punch out the 3 images and, one at a time, peel and stick a Glamour Dot (the 3-dimensional epoxy sticker) onto the face of one of the circles. Turn upside down on a clean and smooth surface (like a clean piece of card stock) and rub the backside of the paper to remove the air pockets. Check the other side and keep rubbing until you've got them out. Rub the edges really well, too.

STEP 3) Then, once you have done that to all 3 pieces, take one of the Glamour Stickies and remove one of the non-stick backings from it and carefully place it on the back of the paper then press firmly. Remove the other protective backing. Carefully line the image up with the direction you want the image to face (ie. Santa's head is on straight) and press firmly into the bottle cap. Repeat with the remaining pieces.

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