MagnetaBelles Magnetic Jewelry


$ 15.00 $ 29.00


Magnetabelles™ magnetic pendant system allows you to easily swap your style with multiple inserts! Works with 1" glass squares, resin, epoxy clay and polymer clay! 

It's two pendants in one! Each tray can be decorated differently. Want to change the look? Pop one tray out and pop the other tray in. Additional inserts available as you expand your collection. 

So easy to use! Decorate the 1" square inserts with your favorite medium, such as Glamour FX Glass, Luxe Resin, epoxy clay and polymer clay, and then snap into place using the power of magnets! Want to change your look? Remove the tray and insert another decorated tray! 

You will receive: 

1 Silver plated pendant tray with attached bail 
2 1" square metal inserts 
2 1" square Glamour FX Glass inserts 

*Chain, adhesives, papers sold separately. Additional inserts available.

*Contains neodymium magnet. Not recommended for those with pacemakers.

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