Locket Love 30mm Photo Locket with Word Disc & 1 Focal Crystal. CF.


$ 19.95 


A special gift for a special mom customized by you. A beautiful keepsake Locket Love™ framed in Cubic Zirconia encases 4 sparkling Swarovski crystals and a DIY photo of a loved one.

This locket includes the disc that spells DREAM. 

The locket measures 30mm. 

Photo tray measures 13mm inside diameter. 

The crystal studded Locket Love™ case is made from stainless steel for long lasting beauty. The strong magnetic closure keeps the Swarovski crystals safely inside, and allows for endless updating of the locket contents. 

How to Order: 

Choose one focal color from 12 birthstone options representing each month for the 6mm round Swarovski crystal. 

Choose your word disc from the options.

The locket contains a total of 4 Swarovski Crystals, the DREAM disc, the photo tray, a Glamour Stickies adhesive, plus a 24" silver plated ball chain.


STEP 1: Size and print your image. Use any prints on any paper. 
STEP 2: Using clear tape, cover image and trim excess. 
STEP 3: Trim to size. 
STEP 4: Peel the backing from the Glamour Stickies included with purchase, and press to the back of the photo. 
STEP 5: Peel remaining backing from the Glamour Stickies and press into the pendant tray.

TIP: For a more durable photo charm, please see our tutorial on sealing your charm.

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