GFX Glamour FX Glass 16mm Circle Domed - Fits Annie Howes 16mm settings


$ 1.50 

The Glamour FX™ Glass Collection sized to fit Annie Howes 16mm jewelry settings. 

Gorgeous Glamour FX™ Glass 16mm Circle Ultra Clear Glass. 
  • Measures 16mm Diameter 
  • 4mm Thick 
  • Flat on one side, domed on the other. 

Unquestionably, the smoothest and clearest glass available. 

Pair Glamour FX Glass with either Glamour Glaze or Glamour Seal for beautiful results every time. 

Pair Glamour FX™ Glass with either Glamour Glaze or Glamour Glue for beautiful results every time.

This glass fits Annie Howes jewelry settings.

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