Ball Chains, 2.0mm


$ 2.00 


Colored Ball Chains. The BEST QUALITY Guaranteed. 

Feel free to select the Mixed Pack option to order a mix of colors. There's a box at checkout to send me your color choices.

Each chain is 2.0mm and 24" in length. Matching closures included. 

Please use the cart notes in your shopping cart indicate color choices when placing your order.

Current Color Options: 
- Silver 
- Bright Gold 
- Pale Gold 
- Coffee 
- Black 
- Cherry 
- Pink 
- Teal 
- Lavender 
- Cornflower Blue 
- Pool Blue 
- Spruce 
- Spring Green 
- Plum 
- Sapphire 
- Vintage Silver
- Vintage Copper 
- Vintage Gold
- Orange

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