1"x2" inch Rectangle Pendant Trays 5 Color Options


$ 2.00 


These fit my 1" x 2"Glamour FX™ "Domino" size glass.

Pair these pendant trays with Glamour FX™ Glass, and either Glamour Glaze or Glamour Glue for beautiful results every time. These can also be filled with Luxe jewelry resin.

Rectangle Pendant trays, 1” x 2" Domino Size Rectangles in the color of your choosing

Choose your color from the following list.

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Vintage Silver
  • Vintage Copper
  • Vintage Gold 

As an added option you may choose a mixture of colors. Choose Mixed Pack, and let us know what colors you'd like!  If you choose to leave it up to us, we'll send an even mix of all available colors.

Fits this 1"x2" glass size.

These are slightly larger than the 1" x 48mm size. We are transitioning to the 1" x 2" size.

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