How to Use Glamour Dots and Glamour Stickies.

How to Use Glamour Dots and Glamour Stickies.

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How to Make a Bottle Cap with Glamour Dots.



Glamour Dots are 3-dimensional clear epoxy stickers. They have an adhesive on one side.

Glamour Stickies are thin dry adhesives that can be used to glue paper to the glass, as well as glue the decorated glass to the base of a pendant tray, drawer pull, bracelet, ring, etc. Each sticky side is protected by a piece of non-stick paper.

If you plan to make bottle cap with Glamour Dots, your shopping list is below.

If you want to know how to use Glamour Dots and Glamour Stickies, please review this tutorial. This tutorial shows you how to use both Glamour Stickies and Glamour Dots to make a bottle cap magnet. You can apply what you learn here to use them in your own projects.


Glamour Dots
Glamour Stickies
Pack of flat bottle caps
Paper (non-textured) punched into 1" circles
E-6000 adhesive

Also available in a convenient kit!

First, punch your paper in to a 1” circle. Carefully position the Glamour Dot over the paper you’re using.

Use firm pressure to press the paper to the dot. I recommend using a burnishing tool, or paper creaser to give you the technique required to remove all the air pockets. The technique is to push the paper to the adhesive rather than try to drag the air to remove it.

Once the Glamour Dot is attached to the paper, apply a Glamour Sticky to the back. Peel off one protective layer form the Glamour Sticky and press to the paper. Peel off the second protective layer and press the finished piece into the bottle cap.

Once securely glued into place, attach the magnet to the back of the bottle cap with a bit of E-6000 jewelry adhesive. Allow to dry 12 hours.

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