How to Paint with Bella Paint

How to Use Bella Paint (TM) for Glass.



Thank you for purchasing Bella Paint®! This versatile paint opens doors to a variety of creative applications. Bella Paint® is non-toxic and safe to work with. Once cured, Bella Paint® is safe on tableware and glassware. Hand wash painted and cured pieces.
Shopping List:
Glass or glazed stoneware
Bella Paint for Glass

You will also need:
Stir sticks

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Step 1:
Make sure surface to be painted is free of wax, oil, moisture, dirt, or other foreign material. If you’re handling the glass, be sure your hands are clean and free of lotion.

Step 2:
Stir paint thoroughly. Some colors settle, particularly the metallic colors.

Step 3:
Apply Bella Paint® in thin, even layers, avoiding thick application. Apply using a soft bristled brush for best results. Thick layers of paint may result in bubbles forming when the paint is heated. I prefer using acrylic paintbrushes because the bristles don’t shed. Round brushes are best for lettering and flat brushes are best for covering large areas. You may wish to use several brush styles. You can paint any surface of the glass leaving one surface for the piece to rest on while heat curing.

One flat, level surface must be left unpainted for the heating process. For example, if you’re painting a coaster, the unpainted side will be placed facing down on the surface of the heating oven while being heat cured. The painted side will be facing up not touching any surfaces. Once heated and cured, the opposite surface can be painted and the cured side can then be placed down while being heated. 

Step 4:
Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before heating. Dry at room temperature. Be careful to not touch the painted surface as the paint may flake off.

Step 5:
Heat piece slowly at a rate of 300 degrees Fahrenheit in an oven or kiln using the chart below:

30 minutes at 350 degrees F 
15-20 minutes at 375 degrees F
10-15 minutes at 400 degrees F

* DO NOT put cold glass in a hot oven. Glass needs to be heated relatively slowly. Different types of glass react in different ways.

Step 6:
Allow to cool to 100 degrees, before handling.

Please handwash your Bella Painted pieces. Some dishwashers and dishwasher detergents may cause damage to the painted surfaces

These Bella Paint colors are also available (glossy):
Metallic Copper
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Lemon Yellow
Cyan Blue
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