How to Make A Scrabble Tile Pendant

How to Make A Scrabble Tile Pendant


How to Make a Scrabble or Wood Pendant

5 Scrabble Tiles or other wood tiles 
5 Small Aanraku Bails
Glamour Glaze
Glamour Glue (optional)
1 Tube of E6000 Adhesive
Burnisher (optional)

Also sold as a kit.
You May Also Need:
X-acto or similar blade or scissors
Nail File
small paint brush 
tiny glass beads or Swarovski crystals
moist paper towels
Step 1:
Open the bottle of Glamour Glaze™ or Glamour Glue and apply a small amount to the tile with the paintbrush. Spread evenly and adhere the decorative paper to it decorative side facing up.
Step 2:
Flatten gently but thoroughly using a burnisher or your finger. Use a piece of wax or parchment paper to prevent damaging the paper. Be sure the paper is flat on the tile and no bubbles remain between the tile and the paper. Let dry completely. If the tile is cool to the tough, the glue is not dry yet. If your glue is not dry, the paper may rip.
Step 3:
Turn the tile upside down and using a fresh, sharp blade, carefully trim the excess paper using firm but gentle pressure.
Step 4:
Using the Glamour Glaze, evenly cover the trimmed paper- covered Scrabble tile with a generous amount, spreading it gently with a toothpick. The toothpick may also be used to remove any bubbles.

If you have glass beads, now is the time to add them. Work quickly by putting a little glaze on the tip of your toothpick and pick up a few beads by touching the toothpick to the glass beads. Work quickly because the glaze is setting! Gently press the glass into the glaze where you want to place them.

Add a second coat of glaze, if desired. But only do this once the first coat has thoroughly dried. If you're adding a Swarovski crystal, you'll want to add it after the last coat, and wait until the glaze sets a bit or the crystal will sink to the bottom of the glaze.
Step 5:
Once thoroughly dried, use an emory board or fine sandpaper and gently sand the edges of the tile to remove any imperfections, if needed.
Step 6:
Now it’s time to attach the bail. Open the tube of E6000 adhesive. Using a toothpick, apply a small amount of the adhesive to the back of the bail.
Step 7:
Simply press the bail on the back of the tile, center it, and let dry about 2-4 hours before handling, and 24 hours before wearing.
You have just created a beautiful Scrabble Tile Pendant! String with ribbon or chain and show all your friends your beautiful
Glamour Glaze is not a waterproof product. For a mroe durable piece, please refer to our "Coating with Luxe Resin" tutorial.


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