How to Add A Jump Ring


All of the examples shown above require a jump ring. 
Adding jump rings to make jewelry is really easy once you know the trick to maintaining a clean jump ring.
Use this easy technique when making earrings,
charm bracelets, and chainmaille jewelry. 

You'll need two pliers with flat heads. Start by taking one set of pliers and grasping the jump ring on one side of the ring just below the opening. The opening should be at the top evenly spaced between the pliers.

To open the jump ring, hold one end firmly in place and rotate the other end, either away from you or towards you. 
Do not pull the ends away from each other. 
Only rotate far enough from the other end to be able to slip the charm and the bracelet through the opening.

Now you're ready to add the charm to the jump ring.
Hold onto the jump ring with one of the pliers, and add your charm.

Next, slip the bangle, bracelet, earring bail onto the jump ring and rotate the ends together.

Your jewelry is now ready to wear! Wasn't that easy?

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