Swarovski Ceralun Epoxy Clay


$ 24.95 


Making glamorous crystal encrusted jewelry has never been so easy and rewarding. Ceralun epoxy clay from Swarovski is easy to use with longer working times. 

Embed crystals, metal charms, and other found items to make your very own glamorous statement pieces. 

One brand new pack of Ceralun. (50g resin + 50g hardener) 

Choose your color: black or white (black temporarily sold out) 
(jewelry settings and crystals not included) 

Why choose Ceralun? 
Ceralun is manufactured by Swarovski. We tested several brands in our studio and found the Swarovski colors to be more brilliant, the material easier to handle, and the working time is over an hour longer than all other brands.

  • Ceralun is never crumbly, never oily, nor sticky
  • Only Ceralun has a 2 hour working time, which is an hour longer than other brands
  • Mixing time with Ceralun is only 3-4 minutes, which is not as long as other brands
  • In a 175 degree oven, Ceralun will speed-cure in 2 hours. (Use a dedicated oven, such as a toaster oven)
  • At room temp (72 degrees), Ceralun has a 1 year shelf life
  • Ceralun is very low-odor and is milder than other brands
  • Ceralun is the greenest of all epoxy clays which means it's safer for you to use
  • Ceralun is made specifically for the Swarovski Chaton foiling
  • Rubbing alcohol, acetone, or a drop of water will help remove excess wax.
  • Mixed Ceralun can be stored in the freezer for up to 24 hours to slow the curing process.

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