Judi Kins MicroGlaze


$ 8.50 


Applied sparingly over artwork or ink jet prints, MicroGlaze provides a smudge proof and water proof finish! Protects inks, dyes, paints, acrylics, water colors, and ink jet prints! 

Acid Free 

1 oz jar goes a long way. 

If you're looking for a product to seal your ink jet prints when making glass tile jewelry or Scrabble tiles, I recommend Glamour Seal instead of MicroGlaze. 

do not recommend the use of this product in conjunction with water based glazes and sealants as the MicroGlaze is a waxy substance and wax repels water, and water based glazes are mostly water. Do not use with epoxy resins. Instead, use Glamour Seal.

* Not an adhesive

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