GFX Glamour FX Glass .875 x 1.875 in ( 24x48 ) - Rectangle Glass


$ 4.25 


Crystal clear glass shapes. Beautiful glass for making photo jewelry. The Annie Howes Glamour FX Glass Collection.

Say Hello to the most beautiful Domino Size Rectangle glass; Glamour FX Glass! 
Dimensions: .875" Wide X 1.875" Tall (5mm Thick) 

  • Glamour FX Glass is breathtakingly beautiful! 
  • Gorgeous Glamour FX Glass Domino Size Ultra Clear Glass. 
  • Measures 7/8" x 1-7/8" (24 x 48 mm)
  • Thickness is 4mm-5mm 
  • Flat and Smooth on all faces 
  • This glass fits our 24x48 black pendant trays, only
Unquestionably the smoothest and clearest glass available. Satisfaction guaranteed! 

Pair Glamour FX Glass with either Glamour Glaze or Glamour Glue for beautiful results every time. 

All of the pieces in the new Glamour FX Glass Collection are made from the most beautiful and highest quality glass available. We've designed the Glamour FX Glass pieces to give you the best in affordable yet high quality glass. Your images will look absolutely stunning under this glass! Images will not look flat or dull. 

Use our gorgeous Glamour FX Glass to make your own beautiful handmade pendants or magnets. Glamour FX Glass is also ideal for making handmade rings, keychains, bookmarks, refrigerator magnets, outlet covers, bracelets, brooches, and such. Let your imagination free with the possibilities!
If you ned our 1"x2" glass, please visit this link, please CLICK HERE.

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