Belt Buckle with Glass Insert Kit.


$ 10.95 

Aanraku brand nickel plated rectangle belt buckle with Glamour FX Glass insert. Now it's easy to make custom image belt buckles using your own prints. 

Accepts belt width of 28mm. Includes screws to attach belt. 

Listing is for: 
- 1 belt buckle (inside dimension: 35mm x 42mm) with 2 screws 
- Glamour FX Glass insert (measures 35mm x 42mm) 

* Paper, Glamour Seal and belt not included. 

How to make using your own image: 
STEP 1: Find or create paper image. Ink Jet prints are OK to use. 
STEP 2: Use Glamour Seal to glue the paper to the glass, allow to dry 
STEP 3: Trim the paper around the glass 
STEP 4: Coat back of paper with Glamour Seal and press into the belt buckle. 
STEP 5: Using E6000, insert belt into receptacle and tighten screws.

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