Glamour Glue PVA Adhesive. Annie Howes


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This is great stuff! This PVA adhesive is fabulous for all kinds of applications. I use this adhesive to seal my Chiyogami papers before applying resin to avoid that "wet look", I also use it to glue paper to tins, Scrabble tiles, even glue paper to glass tiles. It does it all! 

Glamour Glue is ph neutral, acid free, non-toxic, and water based. It dries to a crystal clear finish. Use on your glass projects instead of the glaze for a super strong hold. Glamour Glue is not a topcoat. 

Safe to seal images using this PVA glue because it dries to a super clear finish. Excellent sealant when using resin on Chiyogami papers. Prevents the "wet" look and dulling of colors. 

Other applications: 

  • book and box making 
  • use on paper, cloth, wood, plastic, vellum 
  • repairing ceramic objects 
  • making decorative tins 

1 Bottle Glamour Glue. Choose from 4 oz bottle with applicator tip or 16 oz refill bottle (refill bottle does not have an applicator tip)


* Product will be available to ship in March due to freezing winter temps.


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